" It's hard not to like the Isaw Extreme when you see how much is included in the package – both in terms of its functions and the accessories. The big advantage over the GoPro is the built-in LCD and the considerably lower costs. "

" Korean action cam company iSAW has come up with a neat idea. The EXtreme action cam offers a fascinating proposition. The package includes a fully featured 1080p 60fps action cam with 802.11n Wi-Fi, a 2-inch LCD and a stack of accessories for an SRP of £249.99. That’s everything you need to make high quality movies without spending another penny on accessories. "

" If you are deciding on what actioncam you should be buying, whilst getting the most bang for your buck than the iSaw A3 Extreme HD actioncam is hands down the winner in every single category against every single competitor. "

" Overall this is a great camera, we loved that you have an LCD screen to use and the fact that the screen makes changing the settings ever so slightly easier. The camera is a doddle to use and the quality was smooth and nice. "

" I'm a professional scuba diver and already have a Canon G12 I use for my underwater photos but it only goes down to 40m. I wanted something which would go to at least 60m without spending £1000 for a housing. Easy, no fiddling, 3 buttons to operate and an lcd screen. Comes with all accessories that GoPro Black but for the fraction of the price plus GoPro only goes down to 40m. "

" GoPro, has been the big boy on the block, however with all the short items on features, ease of use, software, wifi problems, their iPhone APP, etc etc, this Korean company has taken all the items people were complaining about and turned them into features that work "

" Whether you’re a snowboarder, scuba-diver or sideways-drifting driver, the ISAW is pretty much the best alternative to the GoPro cameras that have dominated this market for so long. "

" the ISAW is easy to setup and navigate and has the added bonus of a built in LCD screen allowing you to view the action as you are filming – one up on the GoPro! The LCD screen lets you check battery life, with up to 2hours of continuous filming available, which was plenty of time to capture our exploits on the day!... Compared to GoPro, it has the added benefit of being less expensive and compatible with all GoPro mounts – RESULT! "

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